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I have completely cut this out of my diet and have had no more canker sores there. Guest over a year ago Everything u girls just explained is exactly what I have and how I feel, I went to the doctor n they said they don't know what it is,looks like a viral infection and sent me away with herpe cream. Elise13 over a year ago. Have you been in any contact with kids that go to a daycare? Pauline. Age: 27. Amazing girl, a SEXY woman with a breathtaking body, a LUXURY ESCORT for gentlemen Blue. Age: 23. Make your holiday better, explore and be enchanted by SA's most beautiful heritage sites, romantic hotels, magical game farms, clubs, on fleek rich culture and do all this with a beautiful, fun woman as your guide

What you need to know about hand, foot and mouth disease

I have also just had hand foot and mouth disease but had Remember that this medicine will not cure the illness but merely help to make the child more comfortable. Discussions around the web. If I can get it without anyone else having it I fully believe anyone else can as well! I have never heard of that on a vagina but not only that, the mom says that its a coincidence that she got it at the same time she started here. I'm a 35 yr old woman. I have completely cut this out of my diet and have had no more canker sores there. The dr said to keep her covered in rash cream and a diaper. Posted by sparklebug86 on Feb. He said it was probably an allergic reaction to the cream I used, personally I think it was the pill he ave me because that's where it started but I don't know whether it was Monistat or the generic monozycon or spelled similar to that. I used to get canker sores in my mouth frequently, so I think there is some kind of correlation between my mouth sores and the vaginal ones.

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What is hand, foot and mouth disease? | Women's Health Encyclopedia

That is why it is common for outbreaks of hand, foot and mouth disease to occur in nurseries and school. Remember me Forgot password? Although there are no direct treatments to cure the virus of hand, foot and mouth disease, there are treatments available to ease the symptoms. I never noticed any blisters anywhere on my vagina , but did notice real small ones in my mouth. I was thinking more along the lines of coxsackie virus

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