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Nightmask 1 year ago 0. Things are different here in Omai. She smiled at him as he blushed, and she pushed one foot out, dragging her big toe across his cheek. This day could not have gone more embarrassingly. Have some fun, enjoy yourself. She wore a blue bikini, one that was very tight, and seemed to be challenging her breasts to stay inside if they could. He could have sworn that it had just leaked more pre into his swimsuit too, but he couldn't look down to check. Such a little pervert human. Blake. Age: 23. I'm happy and outgoing escort provider, a free spirit with a love for fresh adventures Elexis. Age: 28. I'm Margo

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They were in the extreme minority back there, and it was rare to even see one of them out in public. You know you want to. The first was that he was the only human there. He dragged his tongue along the bottoms of her feet, tasting his seed. The human could hardly believe that this had happened. Everything she said combined with the feeling of her feet on his bulge to make him more turned on than he had ever been; nothing on the internet, nor in the few encounters he'd had with some fellow humans back home had prepared him for something like this. Before he could introduce himself or ask what her name was, though, the canine was off like a shot, running back towards the parking lot. The underside was soft looking, and the foot itself rather slender, if a little bit on the long side. He grabbed it, jerking himself off as he stared at Tina's feet. Knowing they can push your buttons just by taking of their shoes and flashing you with their feet? The human could hardly believe that this had happened. Definitely something I might consider. Still, it was pretty hard not to do stuff like that. He often cleaned up after himself, so it wasn't that different, but there was the taste of her feet under the taste of his cum.

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The black lab sat a cooler down next to the umbrella and towel that she had left near him, as well as a radio. He started to get up, but before he could, a foot pushed itself against his chest and knocked him down, holding him down against the towel. That's really too bad, this was so delightful and has so much potential to it. Even the orca females - and there were more than a few of those - had more slender feet than their male counterparts, though their feet were chubbier and fleshier than most of the other females that walked by. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, though part of that had just been to get away from his roommate and get a little peace and quiet. Heh, not bad, not bad at all.

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