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Some of the videos are being made by surgeons, but most are ordinary people. In the world of psychoanalytic theory, where it is quite normative to consider all the ways the body eliminates and evacuates its contents, zit and pimple popping are noticeably absent. Then he went on: Leave a comment Comments 2. It doesn't turn me on. He explained how sexy a good rash can be, and how you never know where and how big it's going to spread. Gabriella. Age: 28. please text me or call Laura. Age: 26. Do you have a special desire? ? Please do not hesitate to ask me!

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Watch the videos with the sound on. I have often joked with friends that my first professional analytic article will be on this topic. Whenever we'd go on base, we'd be popping the pimples of the navy guys because they knew we liked to do that and they didnt want to do it themselves. Okay, so I am hoping we agree already that there are lots and lots of people a bit obsessed with zit popping. A few people have a, uh, fetish for popping pimples and zits. This includes urine urophilia , faeces coprophilia , vomit emetophilia , blood menophilia , clinical vampirism , saliva spit fetish , and breast milk lactophilia. Like, you know, your cat or kid doing something hilariously stupid. As for watching others Yeh, I get that gross-yet-awesome vibe from them too. I've just found out about it myself, and probably have it. Fred Penzel an expert on dermatological obsessive-compulsive disorders who said:. I am also really happy that it is sunburn season, cuz they burn like a bitch but the skin peels give me the same vibe!

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Linda. Age: 24. ???? Hello

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Other videos that produce similar reactions In my informal study of friends and video voices, it would seem woman are more interested in popping than men. I once had a dream that I had a pimple on my cheek, and upon squeezing it, a penis came out. The word is made up and it does not appear in either Dr.

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